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TFP Company, LLC (TFP) is one of Georgia’s premier investigation, training companies. All investigation companies seek to serve their clients; however, we believe that our services should focus on the best interest of the client with honesty and integrity.  These are just two of the core values that we focus on when serving our clients.  Due to our core values, we continue to be rewarded with more opportunities to help others meet their interests.

We are organized as a true partnership and operate as such in seeking the Truth, finding the Facts and Protecting our clients best interest. Today, TFP has grown to become one of the leading specialty investigation and training companies. Law firms, corporations, private businesses and individuals depend on our proficiency and expertise to provide practical solutions for their needs and issues.

We also provide high quality online training in security, and firearms. Our online training is designed to track and measure learning proficiencies to ensure the knowledge learned is maintained. Learn More


How Clients Benefit

Clients benefit from TFP’s ability to develop and deliver the best results promptly, without the built-in, high overhead costs. Whether providing process services, investigating complex matters, or securing our client's interest, we help clients successfully seek the Truth, find the Facts and while Protecting our clients.